This blog was started on September 30 2009 and is trying to provide a special selection of the coverage by German media (radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, blogs) on events in Iran after the presidential election of June 12, 2009.

All translations presented here have one thing in common: They do not claim to give full coverage on the events, but they all contain one or another reference to the Green Movement – the story, the context, maybe just a photo, or a remark.

1. To support the people inside Iran by providing insights into how the Green Movement is (and sometimes is not) present in German media. It is possible that you will not read any updates here for days. Maybe even for weeks. Which only means that the German mass media do what all mass media tend to do: focus on all the other stuff.
Which, however, does not mean that the Green Movement will ever be forgotten in Germany – the support just retreats to the nooks and crannies of networks, private blogs and the kind of activities that is silent and hidden.

2. To make it visible to the Iranian oppressors that the people of the world are not only watching, but also thinking, and that Iranians in Iran are by no means cut off from the world. Not only does information from Iran reach the world, but also vice versa.

It is an experiment born from the wish to provide more support than tweets and posts. If you have found this blog useful, please spread it. If you have suggestions or wishes as for what you would like to know or read, please leave a comment.

Be sure, our Green Light will keep shining for you until you have achieved what is rightfully yours.

I apologize for the imperfection of my translations, as I am not a native speaker.

If you like to contribute, you are welcome to do so:
How to contribute

2 Responses to “What goes around comes around…”

  1. Sahar Says:

    wonderful job! I will try to contribute! thank you so much for all your helps!

  2. iranvote Says:

    This is the crazy @IranElection the cause of all these turmoil!
    I linked my web site to yours. Guten Tag!
    from http://iranvote.wordpress.com/

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