Crazy Iran Dictator! Ahmadinejad attacks Paul the Octopus


Published in popular German daily “Bild-Zeitung” on 26 July 2010
Source (German):

English translation kindly provided by Elli Mee

He agitates against Israel, the United States, and Western countries in general – but now, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (53) gets lost in detail. The crazy Iranian dictator lashes out at Paul the octopus!

The octopus from Oberhausen (Western Germany) correctly predicted all of Germany’s World Cup results, and also picked Spain to become world champion in football. This made the squid from the “Sea Life” aquarium world famous. Even in Iran…

However, Ahmadinejad sees in Paul a symbol of Western propaganda techniques and superstition.

“Those who believe in such things may not rule the nations of the world”, the president said in a speech in Tehran, according to the official Iranian news agency IRNA.

In contrast to this, “the Iranian nation with its love for all saintly values” is going to “create a humane world striving for absolute perfection”, Ahmadinejad added.

(Editor’s note: Please also read Enduring America’s piece on this issue!)

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