Published in German local daily “Kölnische Rundschau” (Cologne) on 6 June 2010
Source (German):

Iranian filmmaker Daryush Shokof, who had been missing for several days, is alive. 55-year old Shokof was found late Saturday evening on the banks of the Rhine river in the suburb Cologne-Porz – completely soaked, and in a bad physical condition.

Cologne – Daryush Shokof, the 55-year old Iranian filmmaker who had been missing for days, is alive, although in a poor physical condition, according to information provided to Rundschau by police circles.

The 55-year old was found on the banks of the Rhine river in Porz, a suburb of Cologne, on late Saturday evening. Witnesses had called the police after they discovered a completely soaked person on Rheinberg street at about 11:15 p.m. The headquarters of the Cologne police thereupon started an operation under the heading “helpless person”. Police officers in situ called an ambulance, and Shokof was transferred to a hospital. Reportedly the Iranian filmmaker is not seriously injured. “We do not know how he got there. He has not yet told us anything”, a policeman informed Rundschau. The filmmaker and regime critic had been missing without a trace since late May. He had been last seen at the Cologne central station, after that his trace went cold. He had intended to travel to Paris.



Another article on this subject was published in the local daily Kölner Stadtanzeiger on 6 June.

English summary by Anusche Noring:
According to this article, three teenage pupils first discovered Shokof, who approached them with drenched clothes and in a disoriented state, reiterating in English: “My name is Shokof, call the police, I’m kidnapped.”