Cleric Blames Liberal-Minded Women for Causing Earthquakes


Published in German weekly magazine “Spiegel” on 20. April 2010
Source (German):,1518,689956,00.html#ref=rss
English translation provided by @germantoenglish

Iran is among the countries most vulnerable to earthquakes worldwide – and a cleric has an odd explanation ready: Women who do not dress properly.

Beirut – An Iranian cleric has found an unusual explanation for earthquakes: Lewd behavior of women. “Many women who do not dress appropriately seduce young men into unchastity and spread adultery in the society, which eventually leads to earthquakes”, said the muslim cleric Kazem Sedighi according to Iranian media reports.

“What can we do in order to not get buried in the rubble?” asked Sedighi during a prayer sermon. “There is no other choice but to seek refuge in religion and adapt our lives to the morals of Islam.” In Iran, women are obliged to cover their body with a veil from head to toe. Many women, however, especially the young ones, wear tight-fitting manteaus and loose headscarves. “A divine authority told me to call upon the people to make a general turnaround. Why? Because disasters are threatening us”, Sedighi was quoted saying.

Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had previously warned of an earthquake in Tehran. The city is situated on top of tectonic plates drifting towards each other. Ahmadinejad declared that a part of the 12 Million inhabitants should move outside the capital. For a long time seismologists have been fearing that a devastating earthquake might hit Tehran, and suggested to relocate the city to a less dangerous region.


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