Rafi Pitts: “In Iran, everything is much more complicated than before the unrest”


Published on the website of German public radio channel “Deutschlandradio” on 7. April 2010
Source (German): http://www.dradio.de/kulturnachrichten/2010040718/10/
English translation by @germantoenglish

Rafi Pitts is determined to achieve that his new film will be shown in Iran. Talking to the [German daily] “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, the British-Iranian director said that after the unrest everything has become much more complicated in Iran. There was hardly any space to breathe – for the movie industry as well as for the people. Yet he intends to return to Iran, disregarding all potential consequences, Pitt emphasized. – He made his new film “Time of Wrath”, rather accidentally, shortly prior to the presidential election in 2009 in Iran. The film tells the story of a man who lost his wife and child in times of unrest and kills a policeman. The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance had issued a filming permit.

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