German hotel hosted event for Iranian consulate, will donate profits to a human rights organization


Published on the German blog Iraniangerman on 22. March 2010
Source (German):
English translation provided by @germantoenglish

Author: iraniangerman

As it was repeatedly reported in the past weeks, the Iranian consulate general, after receving a negative response from the Hilton Munich hotel, decided to dine at the hotel “Bayerischer Hof” instead. This is where the banquet eventually took place, although it was accompanied by protests. More than just one demonstration was staged outside the hotel complex in the city of Munich…

After the first standard-like response from the hotel administration, activists continued to insist and dig deeper, which resulted in a second, more personal response. Even then, the activists eagerly persisted, and suggested that the management could easily donate the profit from the event in order to get out of this mess in a halfway decent manner, while at the same time taking a clear stand and siding with the Iranian people.

Fortunately, the hotel promptly agreed, and not only approved of the suggestion, but also announced they would donate the respective amount to an international human rights organization. This was more than we initially dared to hope, and very rewarding for all those who were active protesting against the event.

many thanks for your detailed response and the provided information! I would like to inform you that prior to the event I decided to donate the profits to a non-commercial organization. Ms Khanide of Penplan Consulting has recommended several organizations to me, and I decided to donate the money to the International Federation For Human Rights.

Best regards,

Innegrit Volkhardt

It is worth noting that the hotel responded to our protests and suggestions in a remarkably fair and self-critical way, but also how well-coordinated the actions of the activists worked out in the past days and weeks.

We are not condemned to sit in front of our computers and passively wait for better times to come. Everyone of us is able to gather information, do research and raise our voices. Our persistent and firm resistance caused an enterprise of this scale to correct its behavior and say:

“NO business with representatives of the Islamic Republic”

This is the moment to thank all those who for days and weeks tirelessly and with great care and effort contributed to this campaign.


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