Phishing-Mails: Hackers Attack Facebook Users


Published on the website of German daily newspaper “Bild” on 19. March 2010
Source (German):
Translation (excerpts) by @germantoenglish

Hackers started an attack on 400 million facebook users via internet.
As reported by the the antivir producer McAfee, hackers are currently sending e-mails with contaminated attachments. In these e-mails, facebook users are informed that their password has been reset. They are told to click on the attachment of the e-mail in order to get new login data . If users open the attachment, several malware programs will install themselves on their computers, that can extract passwords and other sensitive data.

There have been repeated attacks on facebook users, mostly via the internal news service of this internet platform. Now, hackers for the first time use the private e-mail accounts of the users to spread spam mails.

A Facebook spokesperson did not comment on this particular case, however, he referred to an announcement published on the websites of the users on Wednesday. Facebook in this announcement warned its members to not open the e-mails and delete them. According to McAfee, the hackers could contaminate millions of computers.

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