Iran enforced eight death penalties


Published in the German local daily for the city of Cologne, “Kölner Stadtanzeiger”, on 28 February 2010
Source (German)
Remarks in square brackets were added by the translator

A total of eight death sentences have [recently] been carried out in Iran. Last year more than 300 people lost their lives after being sentenced to death in Iran, according to human rights organizations.

A total of eight death sentences have been executed in Iran (Picture: dpa)

TEHRAN – Eight death sentences have been carried out in Iran. Local news agencies report that three convicted murderers were hanged in the city of Birjand in the Northeast of Iran. In the city of Kerman in the Southeast of Iran five people were hanged after being convicted of drug trafficking. No information was available on the exact time of the executions.

According to the reports, the three murderers who allegedly had killed several policemen were executed in the presence of the families of their victims.

In Iran, crimes like murder, rape, armed robbery and large-scale drug trafficking are on the list of crimes carrying the death penalty. The Islamic country, along with China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and the USA, is one of the five countries carrying out about 95 per cent of all death penalties world wide.

As reported by human rights organizations, more than 300 people died in Iran last year after being sentenced to death. Critics accuse the government in Tehran to have an increasing number of opposition members killed by execution under the guise of the law.

China, with an annual rate of about 1700 executions, leads the world wide list of enforced death penalties.(dpa)


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