The World Becomes Hostage to Clowns


Published in German daily newspaper “Tageszeitung” (“taz”) on 19 February 2010
Source (German):
English translation kindly provided by Josh Manning

Is the West being too soft in dealing with Iranian nuclear ambitions? No, says the Green Party Foreign Affairs Politician Kerstin Müller. Dan Schueftan, an influential academic in Jerusalem, disagrees. The world is becoming dependent on the mad.

Revolutionary Leader Ayatollah Khamenei at an observation post (photo: reuters)

BERLIN taz | The speaker of the German Green Party in the Bundestag, Kerstin Müller, has spoken against using sharper procedures in dealing with Iran. The announcement from Tehran that declared they could enrich uranium by itself was an escalation in the nuclear tensions, she said during the “Debate of the Week”. The option of using military force, said Müller, is certainly in no way on the table: “A second war in the region would have drastic destabilizing consequences. Such saber rattling benefits only the regime and weakens the democratic movement.”

Dan Schueftan, Director of the Center for National Security Studies in the University of Haifa, counter claims that “forceful steps “ are needed. As soon as Iran is a nuclear power, other nations will follow suit. Schueftan feared a “multi-nuclear Middle East” and the development of more nuclear powers. “The day Hugo Chavez comes into possession of an atom bomb, we can say good-bye to civilization.”, wrote Schueftan in the sonntaz.

The tension with the regime in Tehran over their nuclear program has already continued for over a year. Till this very day, Iran insists their uranium enrichment ambitions are purely for civilian purposes but in the West, most governments suspect that President Ahmadinejad is actually trying to build an atomic bomb.

The European Union has in several approaches tried to gear the regime away from their enrichment program though negotiations – without success. At the same time, support for using military options is ever growing in conservative circles in the USA and in Israel.

Also Aaron König, age 45, author of the blogs at, and members of the federal administration of the Pirate Party, warned against the use of appeasement politics. In contrast to Müller, he does not see the Iranian regime opposition movement being harmed should harsher procedures be used: “On the contrary, if we show the Iranian terror regime its limits, this could give the opposition the upper hand.”

Other participants in the discussions during the “Debate of the Week“ are the vice-chairman of the Left in the Bundestag, Jan van Aken, free author Saba Farzan, and political expert Naika Foroutan.


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