Videos of recent protests in Iran reach YouTube


Published in Austrian daily newspaper “Der Standard” on February 12 2010
Source (German)

Secret recordings of demonstrations on the anniversary of the Iran Revolution – latest satellite images show riots

Although YouTube has been blocked in Iran, numerous recent video clips are now appearing on Google’s video platform, showing pictures of the demonstrations on occasion of the 31. anniversary of the Iran Revolution that was commemorated yesterday, 11. February 2010.

Pictures of police brutality
The videos, among other footage, show pictures of police cracking down violently on protesters. According to the official YouTube Blog, these clips are currently one of the few possibilities of spreading footage on the incidents world wide, since foreign journalists had to leave the country. With the help of friends living outside Iran, many individuals managed to publish their secretly recorded video footage on the internet. This blog has published many of those clips, more are to follow.

Recent satellite images
In cooperation with GeoEye, Google has published recent satellite images from Tehran of February 11 2010 in Google Maps, showing vast crowds of people (the editor).

Hundreds of new protest videos flood YouTube on anniversary of Iranian revolution

A View into Tehran

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