Hamburg: Hotel “Atlantic” cancels conference on Islamic Republic of Iran


Published in German daily newspaper “Die Welt” on February 10 2010
Source (German):

Hotel says they were not aware of the background of the conference

by Eva Eusterhus
Yesterday, the management of the hotel “Atlantic” canceled the conference titled “Islamic Republic of Iran – collapsing or gaining steam?”. Several pro-regime referees had been invited to speak at the event that was initiated by the “Orient-Occident Association”.
“At the time the request was made, the hotel was not aware of the background of the event, nor did we have information about who was going to participate in it”, said press officer Jannika Eibach yesterday, explaining the reasons for the cancellation. In order to not affect business conditions and to ensure the security of the hotel and its guests, the management decided to exercise their right of withdrawal. Among the invited speakers were Jürgen Elsässer and Thomas Steinberg.

Both of them had in the past stood out by their anti-Semitic remarks, and they are known to support the dictatorship in Iran with propaganda. “Canceling the event, and thus distancing themselves from the stances of its participants is the least they can do”, said Andreas Benl, spokesman of “Stop the Bomb” Hamburg, yesterday.

The action alliance “Stop the Bomb” is opposing the Iranian nuclear program, and had called for a protest rally outside the hotel “Atlantic” in advance to the conference. “Apart from that, it would have been scandalizing if a member of the Kempinski hotel group, which has had its own history of Aryanization with its initial ‘Kempinski restaurant businesses’, would have been the setting for this propaganda show”, says Benl.

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