Iran appears to be planning a new show trial


Published in German daily “Tagesspiegel” on February 9 2010
Source (German):;art123,3025014

Reports are mounting in Iran about random arrests of opposition supporters. No reasons for the arrests have been provided by the regime yet. Families of the arrested are concerned that a new public show trial might be under way, this time on occasion of the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution on February 11, for which dissidents have already announced protests.

by Ferda Ataman

Berlin – Several opposition websites reported on Monday that nine journalists were arrested in the past two days. Already after the 27th December, police units raided numerous residential areas in Tehran and obviously carried out random mass arrests.

Omid and Mahin Montazeri were also arrested on December 28, as reported by their 27 year old relative Shokufeh Montazeri on Monday in Berlin. The police did not present an arrest warrant, but when her mother Mahin demanded to see it, they issued one on the spot. Her brother Omid, a journalist, and her mother, a women’s rights activist, were not allowed to have visitors since, not even from their lawyers. Shokufeh has collected all this information in various phone calls. She has been studying in Cologne for 5 years. Her father was killed in 1988 in a massacre against political detainees in a prison in Tehran. Now, she fears for the lives of her brother and mother.

The student Pouyan Mahmoudian, editor-in-chief of a Tehran-based university magazine who had spent 74 days in detention two years ago, during an event organized by the Network of Young Iranians in Berlin gave an account of physical abuse [in prisons]. Meanwhile, however, the detainees are being treated even worse, some of them are tortured to death – “with the approval of the regime”.


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