Protest in Munich – Statement of United4Iran Bavaria/Germany


Statement posted on the website of United4Iran Bavaria
Translation: Elli Mee

The green people of Iran don’t need a nuclear bomb!
(= one of the slogans often chanted in Iran since June 2009)

February 5, 2010

In November 2009, Iran’s representative to the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency, Ali Asghar Soltanieh, declared that the Islamic Republic was willing to exchange its lowly enriched uranium against fuel elements to be used at the Tehran Research Reactor.

Shortly afterwards, Iran’s leader Khamenei imposed his veto on the Vienna agreement. Despite the most vehement propaganda regarding the right to enrich uranium on Iranian territory, Ahmadienjad declared his readiness to co-operate with the IAEA. Instead of sending a low-ranking representative (as was announced), Iran’s foreign minister Mottaki is attending the Munich Security Conference on short notice.

The reasons for this move are based in Iran’s domestic situation. Iran’s rulers have come under pressure due to the unceasing protests of the democracy movement. They hope that a conciliation with the West would allow them to concentrate on breaking the opposition. With its manoeuvring in the nuclear conflict, the Iranian regime wants to
divert the international attention from its own domestic problems.

While conciliation with the IAEA is in every Iranian’s interest, this may not be achieved at the expense of disregarding human rights violations in Iran.

Therefore, we ask all participants of the Security Conference not to make any concessions to the detriment of human rights and the Iranian democracy movement.

The Iranian people and its peaceful freedom movement need the solidarity of all nations.

A democratic Iran = A big step for peace in the Middle East


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