Protesters block consulate of Iran


Published on the website of the regional public broadcasting service “HR” on February 3, 2010
Source (German):

The Iranian consulate in Frankfurt

Skirmishes and arrests occurred when about 40 protesters demonstrated outside the Iranian consulate general in Frankfurt on Wednesday. Regime protesters locked the main gate.

According to information provided by the police, the protesters blocked the access road to the consulate general and sealed the entrance with U-locks. As stated by the police, the demonstration had not been registered.

Protesters were taken to the police headquarters
According to police accounts, the police asked the protesters to move the demonstration to the opposite side of the road, which the protesters did not do. During the subsequent clearing of the area some skirmishes happened.

32 people were taken to the police headquarters for verification of personal data, and afterwards were released. Charges of resisting and insulting the police were pressed against some of the protesters.

A bigger part of the protesters had obviously made appointments with the participants from Frankfurt and had arrived from Cologne by bus.
As several times before, regime critics protested against the political situation in Iran. All demonstrations have so far been peaceful.

[Translator’s note: I am sorry for the poor journalism in this piece, and as always apologize for linguistic unevennesses of my translation]


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