Who is afraid of Yogi and Ingo?


Published in German daily “FAZ” on January 27 2010
Source (German) http://www.faz.net/s/RubDDBDABB9457A437BAA85A49C26FB23A0/Doc~E8ED883BBF2AC4E8FAC0035B2A044C32E~ATpl~Ecommon~Scontent.html?rss_googlenews

Original title: German diplomats allegedly arrested in Iran

Summary Translation

Controlled by foreign countries? An Iranian protester in December 2009 in Tehran. Photo: AFP

Several sources claimed today that two German diplomats were arrested and charged with being involved in the unrest that took place in Tehran last December. News channel Khabar, referring to the deputy intelligence minster, reported that both diplomats by the code names of Yogi and Ingo were arrested on December 27.

ISNA, referring to the same source, reported that an aide of opposition leader Moussavi, who is claimed to have cooperated with an European Intelligence service and exchanged confidential information, had admitted that the German diplomats were involved in the anti government unrest. No further details were provided by ISNA.

In response, the German government rejected this report, saying they had no knowledge about the arrest of German diplomats on that day (December 27). The Foreign Office did not give any further comments on the reports, saying, however, they would “formally reject” them in case such allegations had in fact been raised.

Next, the article highlights some data referring to Germany’s business with Iran in 2009. According to figures provided by the Federal Statistical Office, Germany’s exports to Iran, mainly machinery, chemical products, and metals, amounted to about 3,3 billion dollar, which is 8% less than in the previous year

Germany is one of the major trading partners of Iran, which is often criticized for its nuclear program and the violence applied in confronting the opposition. The nuclear issue has caused the West to pursue tightened sanctions against Iran. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel is determined to implement economic sanctions even if no consensus will be reached in the UN Security Council. According to Merkel, German-Iranian business has already significantly decreased, showing that many companies do not engage in business with Iran as before.

The same day, Siemens chief Peter Löscher had announced that Siemens will not take up new business with Iran, claiming that Siemens had begun to reduce business activities with Iran a while ago.
Text: dpa/Reuters
Pictures: AFP

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