Dozens of mothers arrested during rally


Published in German weekly magazine “Spiegel” on January 11 2010
Source (German):,1518,671200,00.html#ref=rss

Their children died in clashes with security forces last summer – now 33 mothers were arrested during a public rally, according to a human rights group in Iran.
Tehran – According to reports of a human rights group, 33 women were arrested in Iran when they attempted to hold a rally for their children killed in clashes with security forces. During their weekly gathering the mothers were surrounded by security forces and brought to prison, says the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. Nine of those women required medical treatment after their arrest. The human rights group demands the immediate release of the arrested women.

Meanwhile, the Iranian news agency Fars reports that the espionage trial against the indicted French citizen Clotilde Reiss will close on Saturday. The Frenchwoman was put on trial after admitting to have participated in the protests against the disputed re-election of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on 12. Juni 2009, and to have submitted a report to the French embassy in Tehran. After several weeks of detention, she was released on bail in August and allowed to stay at the embassy of her country, however, she is not allowed to leave Iran.

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