Opposition leader Karroubi escapes attack


Published in German weekly magazine “Stern” on January 8 2010
Source (German): http://www.stern.de/politik/ausland/iran-oppositionsfuehrer-karubi-entkommt-anschlag-1534174.html#utm_source=standard&utm_medium=rss-feed&utm_campaign=alle

A thorn in the side of the Iranian rulers: Opposition leader Mehdi Karubi (© Atta Kenare/AFP)

Iran’s former Speaker of Parliament Mehdi Karroubi probably owes his survival to his armored limousine. According to information provided by his political party, the opposition leader was hassled by hundreds of militias in the city of Qazvin. When he was leaving the scene in his car, shots were fired.

Shots have been fired at the car of Iran’s opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi on Friday. Since it was an armored car, only the windows were damaged. This was announced by the political party of the former Speaker of Parliament on their website Sahamnews.org.

According to this information, the incident took place in the city of Qazvin in Northern Iran, where Karroubi was attending a mourning ceremony for an opposition supporter who was killed during a protest. The ceremony was organized by a reformist former parliamentarian. At first, 500 members of the Basij militia together with some people from surrounding villages surrounded the house were Karroubi was staying, threw rocks at the house and broke windows, the announcement continues. After four hours the police finally got involved and escorted Karroubi out of the house. “When his car left, it got attacked and hit by bullets.” No official information about this incident has been available as yet.

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