After bloody protests: Demonstration outside Iranian consulate in Frankfurt


Published on public local TV/radio service station “Hessischer Rundfunk” on December 27 2009
Source (German):

In response to the deadly violence [in Iran], about 70 people demonstrated outside the Iranian consulate in Frankfurt on Sunday night. More protests were announced for Monday.

Several dozens of protesters rallied outside the Iranian consulate in Frankfurt

In an alarmed response to the bloody events in Iran, this spontaneous demonstration in front of the consulate was organized via the short message service Twitter and other networks. About 70 protesters chanted slogans, demanding reforms in Iran. A banner called for “Freedom for Iran.” Supporters of various groupings expressed their solidarity with the Iranian opposition outside the building in the Frankfurt district of Dornbusch.

The police expects the demonstration to proceed peacefully, like former demonstrations outside the consulate in Frankfurt. The last demonstration of Iranians outside the consulate had been in October, when they protested against the death penalty in Iran. Another demonstration is scheduled to take place outside the consulate on Monday afternoon.

For the first time since June, deaths occured again today during severe clashes between opponents to the ultra conservative president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and security forces. This was confirmed by the state-owned Iranian TV channel tonight. The Iranian opposition previously spoke of four deaths in Tehran.


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