Published in “Focus” on December 26 2009
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Iran’s president Ahmadinejad has taken the occasion of the Christian holiday season of Christmas to insult Western politicians, calling them stupid.

Ahmadinejad was quoted by news agency Fars on Saturday saying that European politicians knew nothing about politics and history. One was “more stupid than the other”, Mahmhoud Ahmadinejad added. For example, the politicians think that the Islamic faith can be impeded by banning of minarets, however, this is not the case.

„They do not understand that it is not the minarets that make people believers, but it is the faith of the people that creates the minarets.” Ahmadinejad with this remark referred to referendum in Switzerland against the construction of further minarets.

“Death to the dictator”
Meanwhile, the authorities in Iran continue to violently confront dissident protesters. Police units on Saturday dispersed hundreds of protesters with batons and suppressed the protest against Ahmadinejad.

The protesters demonstrated against the disputed re-election of Ahmadinejad on June 12, chanting “death to the dictator”. Police forces arrested several protesters. Numerous car drivers expressed their sympathy with the rallies by honking their horns each time the police confronted the demonstrations.

Small groups of dissidents also rallied in front of the Tehran university. There also the protests were immediately inhibited, at least two protesters were arrested by the police. The opposition had called on their supporters to use the occasion of the traditional Shiite commemoration days of Tasoa and Ashura to protest.