German PEN Center protests against Iran


Published on “Deutschlandradio” on December 23 2009
Source (German): (

“Repression is not the way that could lead to the well-being of the people”. This is a quotation from a letter of the German PEN Center to the Iranian leadership. With this letter, the writer’s association protests against the arrest of journalists and authors in the Islamic Republic. Available information indicates that after the disputed presidential election in June detainees were tortured and forced to make false confessions, it says in the letter. It continues saying that the credibility of the government in Tehran will be damaged as long as the country detains “prisoners of conscience”.


The German daily “Süddeutsche” has a short news item about this letter today:

P.E.N. protests:
Letter to the Iranian ambassador

The German P.E.N. Center seized the occasion of the approaching New Year to address the Iranian ambassador in Berlin in a letter, protesting against detention, conditions of imprisonment, and trials against Iranian writers and journalists. [here a reference is made to an unspecified newspaper]. As to the knowledge of P.E.N., currently 25 Iranian writers and journalists are being detained, 22 of them are awaiting their verdict. Most of the detainees were brought to Tehran’s Evin prison, of which the internal state of things have been adequately described in Iranian literature.


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