Arrests and injuries after new clashes in Iran


Published on German public TV channel ZDF, news broadcast “Heute”, on December 23 2009
Source (German):,3672,7965413,00.html

Reports: Police uses tear gas

New clashes in Iran: According to information of the reformist movement, the police in the city of Esfahan used tear gas on demonstrators. Many people are said to have been injured. In addition, at least 50 supporters of the opposition are said to have been arrested.

In the city of Esfahan, situated in central Iran, people had gathered to commemorate the late Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri. This was reported by the website Jaras on Wednesday. During the gathering, demonstrators clashed with the police, many people were injured. The website reported at least 50 arrests, among them four Iranian journalists.

Tense situation in Najaf Abad
The opposition also reported clashes from Montazeri’s home town Najaf Abad. There, the sporadic incidents have been going on since Tuesday night. The situation in Najaf Abad is tense. Jaras reported that people are chanting slogans against the government. Since foreign journalists are not allowed to directly report about the events, it was not possible to verify the reports through independent sources.

According to reports from the opposition camp, on Monday hundreds of thousands of people in a funeral procession in the pilgrimage city of Qom had paid their last respect to Montazeri, who had died on Saturday. Websites of the reformist movement reported that the residence of reformist cleric Yousef Sane’i had been attacked by pro-government scholars on Tuesday.

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