Ahmadinejad: „The West makes us feel nauseous“


Published in German “Handelsblatt” on December 22 2009

Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinedschad. Source: dpa

One day after the renewed mass protests against the government of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran, this arch conservative politician attacked the West, saying that the allegations made against his country were a “joke” and causing “nausea”.

HB TEHERAN. „The West should know that the Iranian government today is ten times stronger than one year ago”, said Ahmadinejad in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz on Tuesday. His speech was live broadcasted on the news channel Khabar.

Ahmadinejad continued calling allegations that Iran is planning to construct a nuclear bomb a bad joke. “They cause nausea for us and our nation”, said Ahmadinejad. “If we wanted to construct an atomic bomb, we would have enough courage to admit it”, he stressed. Last week, on the backdrop of alleged secret documents, new rumours had emerged that Iran is planning to construct an atomic bomb within four years.

On Monday, tens of thousands of opposition supporters in Iran had used the mourning ceremony for the dissident Grand Ayatollah Hussein Ali Montazeri for a mass protest against the government of Ahmadinejad. The president has been facing exceptional criticism since his re-election on 12. June, that is highly controversial due to fraud allegations.

Ahmadinejad rejected a deadline set by the United States by year-end to accept a UN proposal on the nuclear conflict. The proposal provides for exchange of enriched uranium for prefabricated fuel rods. Thus, the stocks of enriched uranium in the country should be reduced. The West could set as many deadlines for Iran as it wishes, said Ahmadinejad. “It does not make a difference for us.”


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