A cell phone software for resistance activists


Published on http://www.politik-digital.de/ on December 15 2009
Source (German): http://www.politik-digital.de/Handy-Guardian-Android-Nathan-Freitas-%20Aktivismus
Link to detailed article in Huffington Post provided in the first paragraph 🙂

When it comes to digital communication channels, authoritarian regimes and their opponents are in a constant competition. This says programmer Nathan Freitas. Now, his free cellphone software “Guardian” shall add safety to the work of regime critics.

When dissidents in authoritarian regimes get arrested, their cell phones can quickly become evidence for their activities. Thus, pictures, videos, and text messages can easily get dangerous for them. The new cell phone software “Guardian” is supposed to counteract this risk. The application, developed by the programmer Nathan Freitas, shall make the usage of cell phones safer for opposition activists.

Some of the applications planned are the encryption of SMS or conversations. What is especially interesting: certain files can be deleted by pushing one single key.

“Guardian” only works with the operating system Android. The open source software is above all supposed to make the technology attractive for activists in developing countries. It is not known yet when exactly the software will be available.

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