Moussavi: “Fulfill your mission if you have orders to kill me”


Published in “Der Standard” (Austria) on December 9, 2009
Source (German):

Moussavi assaulted after protests in Tehran

Tehran – One day after the student protests in Iran, Mir Hossein Moussavi, who is a critical opponent to the regime, was pestered by the armed paramilitary forces known as Basijis. According to reports published on Moussavi’s website, 30-40 plainclothes motorcyclists on Tuesday blocked the drive of the Academy of Arts in Tehran, which is headed by Moussavi, thus preventing him from leaving the building. Moussavi addressed the Basijis saying: “Fulfill your mission if you have orders to beat or kill me.” Ordinary people prevented the Basijis from entering the building.

Moussavi’s wife also was attacked with tear gas on Monday, and injured. Six months after the presidential election, new street fights between opposition and security forces took place in Tehran. Several people have been arrested. Already on Sunday, many Tehranis had received an SMS providing information about the routes of the demonstrations. However, these routes were scattered and far away from the universities. Many immediately suspected that those messages had been sent by the Ministry of Intelligence in order to prevent the protesters from gathering near the universities. Many universities had been closed on Sunday evening already.

However, even though all roads leading to the universities were blocked or being controlled, many people joined the protesting students. Many school principals were having a hard time preventing the students from expressing their sympathy for the supporters.

Injured protester in Tehran. Foreign media were not allowed to take pictures, therefore, the name of the photographer can not be disclosed.

Many protesters chanted “Death to dictatorship!” and demanded the dismissal of the religious leaders. The government had as well mobilized all forces to stage a counter-protest. It turned out that the regime supporters who were present in the campus belonged to paramilitary groups. Protests have also been reported from the cities of Kermanshah, Majad [Mashhad?], and Shiraz. The next major demonstration is scheduled for the 25. and 26. of December, the anniversary of the assassination of Imam Hossein.
(red/DER STANDARD, print edition, 9.12.2009)

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