Germany’s media coverage on 16. Azar


I apologize that the German media coverage on 16. Azar can not be fully translated here – it is way too much for me to cope with, plus you can read more or less the same in English media. But I can assure you that the world was watching the Greens today from Germany! What a day. Thank you Iran.

An article published in the “Tagesspiegel” on December 8 provides an analysis of the situation in Iran after the 16. Azar. The full translation can be found here

These are some links to some German sources providing coverage on 16. Azar (all without translation)

TV broadcasting channel ZDF (Video)

German weekly magazine “Der Spiegel”,1518,665674,00.html#ref=rss

German weekly newspaper “Die ZEIT”

Financial Times Deutschland

Radio broadcasting channel “Deutschlandradio” (article)

German daily “Die Welt”

German news broadcast “heute” (article),3672,7956532,00.html

German daily “Die Welt”

And even Germany’s most famous penny press paper “Bild”:


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