Iran confiscates Shirin Ebadi’s Nobel Peace Prize


Published in “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” (Switzerland) on November 26, 2009
Source (German):

Iranian authorities have confiscated the medal and diploma for the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize of lawyer and human rights activist Shirin Ebadi. This was confirmed by Norway’s Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stre in Oslo on Thursday.

(sda/dpa) Stre summoned Tehran’s diplomatic representative and protested on behalf of his government. Ebadi, a lawyer, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her struggle for democracy and human rights in Iran. She was detained several times, and even as a Nobel Peace Prize laureate she was repeatedly harrassed by the authorities to the point that her office was shut down.

According to the information provided by Norway, the entire content of one of Ebadi’s bank boxes now was confiscated, including the Nobel awards. Norway’s Foreign Minister Stre stated, “It is the first time that a state confiscates a Nobel Peace Prize. We are shocked and do not have the slightest understanding for this.”

Along with the medal and the diploma, Ebadi had also received the endowment of ten million krones (about 1,8 million Swiss francs).

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