Espionage trial against French citizen resumed


Published in weekly magazine “Focus” on November 17, 2009

Following her arrest on leaving Iran four months ago, the trial against 24 year old French citizen Clotilde Reiss was continued today. She is accused of disseminating information about the protests of the opposition.

The espionage case against the young Frenchwoman Clotilde Reiss has again been tried at the Iranian Revolutionary Court on Tuesday. About four months after her arrest, the 24 year old woman had to appear before the court in Tehran. After the trial she was allowed to return to the French embassy, according to the French Foreign Ministry in Paris. Reiss has been under house arrest in the French embassy since mid August.

In the past weeks the Iranian Judiciary had not been specific about whether Reiss after the trial would be allowed to return to the embassy or sent back to the notorious Evin prison. Bernard Valero, spokesman of the Paris Foreign Office, said that there is still no verdict in the case, and the Court would soon summon her again. According to her father, Rémi Reiss, she is well and in good spirit. After a phone conversation with his daughter, he told the french broadcasting station France-2 that there were new positive developments, however, he was not able to tell whether a release could be expected any time soon.

Clotilde Reiss was arrested at the Tehran airport when she was about to leave the country in early July following the mass demonstrations against the results of the Iranian presidential elections. She is being accused of disseminating information about the opposition protests. In early August she had appeared in Court for the first time in a mass trial held against about 100 opposition figures. In response to international pressure, she was released from prison on 16 August and transferred to the embassy. Prior to that, Reiss had been teaching French at the University of Isfahan for five months.

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