Iran-Connection: USA takes action against islamic foundation


Published in “Der Spiegel” on November 13, 2009,1518,661084,00.html#ref=rss

US authorities are keeping track of an islamic foundation that allegedly is managed by the Iranian leadership. A scyscraper in Manhattan, several mosques, and other possessions shall be confiscated.

Washington – In a strike against the so-called Alavi Foundation, US authorities are taking action against an islamic foundation in New York that is said to be serving the Iranian leadership. As announced by district attorney in charge Preet Bharara on Thursday, the (American) government is intending to confiscate a scyscraper in Manhattan and several further assets belonging to the Alavi Foundation, among them, according to the US Ministry of Justice, land and real estate in New York, Maryland, Virginia, Texas, and California, including four mosques.

According to the announcement, an application for the confiscation was filed with a New York court on the grounds that the foundation is controlled by the state-owned Iranian bank Melli, which allegedly funds the Iranian nuclear program. Among other activities, the Alavi Foundation allegedly transferred funds gained from rental income to this Bank in cooperation with a dummy company.



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