“People are in a pugnacious mood”


Published on TV channel “ZDF” on November 3 2009

Green Party: Tehran faces new violence

November 4 is the 30th anniversary of the occupation of the US Embassy in Tehran. The Green Party [German political party] expects new opposition protests – and is concerned about possible reprisals by the regime. The Federal Government should press the Iranian government for restraint, they say.

In the light of threats of further repression in Iran, the Green Party has called on the Federal Government [of Germany] to press the Iranian government for restraint. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the occupation of the US Embassy this Wednesday, the opposition is getting ready for mass protests in Tehran and other cities, says Omid Nouripour, Tehran-born member of the Bundestag for the Green Party, in an interview with the German Press Agency dpa. “I am afraid that the government will crack down on the people”.

Nouripour: up to 100.000 people
Usually, November 4 is a day of anti-Western rallies in the Iranian capital. The opposition, however, is planning to use this opportunity for staging protests to express their demand for reforms. “People are in a combative mood, and I fear that they might be too optimistic”, says Nouripour after talks with Iranian opposition members. He estimates that 100.000 people could take to the streets.

Referring to the ongoing nuclear conflict with Iran, Nouripour says: “The Federal Government as well as the entire Western world must comprehend that the nuclear problem can not be solved without paying attention to the human rights issue”. He appealed to the armed forces of Iran to abstain from violence against the protesters. Security forces had previously banned demonstrations of opposition members.

With material of dpa


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