Siemens’ security chief Polli on leave for fatal connections with Iran’s intelligence


Published in “Spiegel” on October 31 2009

His intelligence network caused international criticism: According to information from SPIEGEL, Siemens security chief Gert-Rene Polli lost his job due to his contacts with Iran. Above all, the U.S. and Israel are said to consider this as a problem.

His contacts with the Iranian intelligence have lead to the downfall of Gert-René Polli, head of the Siemens security. The technology company recently broke up with the former head of the Austrian Federal Authority for Protection of the Constitution and Anti-Terror.

The technology group recently broke up with the former head of the Austrian Federal Constitution and Counter Terrorism (BAT). Polli, who was recruited to Munich a year ago by his compatriot, the Siemens CEO Peter Löscher, was considered no longer acceptable for the company because of his contacts with Iranian intelligence officials.

Apparently, the company had already some time ago received evidence from German political circles that particularly the U.S. and Israel considered Polli’s appointment a “major problem”. A collaboration with him had been rejected. “But a global company like Siemens needs someone who in talks on security issues is capable of acting,” a spokesperson in Munich puts it. Already during Polli’s time as head of BVT, the U.S. Embassy in Vienna allegedly complained several times to the Austrian Interior Ministry about his connections with Iran.

It is so far unclear who will become his successor. “We are in advanced negotiations with possible successors”, a Siemens spokesman told “Financial Times Deutschland” last week. The position of the “Head of trust security” is a key position in every trust. The task of this position is to prevent security risks such as betrayal of secrets, kidnappings, or assaults. According to Financial Times Germany, it is not to be excluded that former head of security Norbert Wolf will temporarily return to his old position. He has an excellent reputation, it says.


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