Iranian filmmaker criticizes Ahmadinejad’s policy


Published on AFP October 25, 2009


Munich — The Iranian filmmaker Narges Kalhor who applied for asylum in Germany has described the policy of Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as “highly dangerous”. The 25 year old filmmaker, whose father is a close adviser to Ahmadinejad, told the news magazine “Focus”:
“Even we Iranians don’t know what is happening in our country. We have no idea whether our government is working on the construction of the atomic bomb or not.”

Kalhor, who says that after the controversial reelection of Ahmadinejad she took to the streets together with thousands of people, had participated in the Nuremberg “Film Festival of Human Rights” in mid October, where she presented a movie about torture in Iran. After the festival, she did not return to her home country, but applied for asylum. She says she is absolutely sure that the leadership in Tehran will never forgive her and her father would have “turned her in” to the authorities.

Mehdi Kalhor is a close adviser to Ahmadinejad and has been planning the president’s media appearances for 4 years. “Our parents, the entire elder generation that supports this system, is sinning against us young people,” said 25 year old Narges Kalhor to “Focus. “There are so many cases when parents who support the regime dissociate themselves from their children if they cause trouble. In such a case they will simply say: This is no longer my child.”


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