Salehi: “Atomic bomb contradicts Islam and the military doctrine of Iran”


Published in “Schweiz Magazin” (Switzerland) on October 23 2009
Original title: “Iran: “Atomic bomb is a sin”

The chief of the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency, Ali Akbar Salehi, according to Turkish media sources resolutely rejected allegations of the West that Tehran is developing nuclear weapons. The U.S. and other Western countries accuse Iran, to under the guise of peaceful use of atomic energy secretly work in the development of nuclear weapons.

The UN Security Council already adopted five resolutions and imposed sanctions on Iran, coupled with the demand to renounce the enrichment of uranium. Tehran denies all allegations and instead claims that its nuclear program is solely directed to meet the needs of the country’s electrical power.

„We are not developing a nuclear bomb, since we consider it a sin. Apart from that it does not correspond with our interests”, Salehi said in an interview with the Friday edition of the Turkish newspaper “Hürriyet”. The chief of the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency added that “each country is entitled to possessing nuclear technologies”.

According to Salehi, there are two major reasons why Iran is not planning a nuclear weapons program. “The first reason is that an atomic bomb kills also peaceful citizens. In Islam, it is said that the killing of one human being is the same as extincting of all mankind. We are against nuclear weapons – from religious and ethical considerations.” Second, the production of an atomic bomb for his country “is highly illogical,” said Salehi, adding: “If Iran believed that it is equivalent to our interests to produce the bomb, we would have built it, and absolutely not disguised it. However, we have decided that manufacturing of nuclear weapons contradicts the military doctrine of our country.”

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