More than 12 years of detainment for an US-Iranian Sociologist


Published in “Der Standard” (Austria) on October 20 2009
English translation kindly provided by AM

Kian Tajbakhsh has been arrested while protesting against the presidential election

Teheran- The US-Iranian Sociologist Kia Tajbakhsh who has been arrested during the protests against the presidential election on the 12th of June, is convicted to prison for more than 12 years, said his lawyer on Tuesday to the official Iranian News-Agency IRNA. He also said, that he is not able to tell the exact length of time for the imprisonment, because of judical reasons . He will appeal against the conviction, he said.

Since of the beginning of August there have been more than 140 oppositionals, who had to be answerable to the revolutionary court. The Opposition names it a propaganda trial. Also the international community is criticising this proceedings.

During the protests 36 people have been died. The opposition says it were 72 deaths.

About 4000 People have been arrested, most of them are already released. (APA)

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