Published in “Der Standard” (Austria) on October 20, 2009
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Vienna/Teheran – Iran doesn´t want to accept France as a partner when an eventually next enrichment of it ´s Uraniam will take place.. Thus the islamic country is again moving back from its originally promise done on the beginning of Oktober 2009.

Iran doesn´t want to go in any contractual conections with France, has been said on Tuesday amoung the negotiating parties.
In the morning allready ,Manouchehr Mottaki, the iranian foreign minister has been said in Teheran that beyond the countries of USA and Russia there is no other country needed for negotiations.

The start of negotiations between Iran, USA, Russia and France in the International atomic Energy Organisation (IAEO) , which was planned for Tuesday has been postponed to another time.

The chief of the iranian delegation, the IAEO-ambassador Ali Asghar Soltanieh, skipped the negotiation room very demonstativ at the same time as his french colleague.

According to a report of the iaranian telecast Iran has allready begin to negotiate with the USA and Russia, excluding France.

At the beginning of October 2009 Iran and the five permanent UN-security-council-members ( China, Franvce, Russia, United Kingdom, USA) including Germany came to the agreement that the iranian Uranium will be transported to Russia for the enrichment and then to France for the following processing.

Afterwards the enriched Uranium which Iran wants to use in a research reactor should be brought back to Iran.

The details such as time , duration and the amount should be clarified since Monday during the negotiations. But the diplomats in Vienna say probably there is no terminal agreement to expect.

An agreement must be ratified by all involving countries. An agreement between Iran and the West in this case would be an important step, bringing a dynamic to the negotiations , which became stagnating the last two years.

According to the negotiating parties, the IAEA ( International Artomic Energy Agency) made a compromise proposal, that Teeheran should only make a contract with Russia for the enrichment of the Uranium and Russia could make a contract with France for the producing of the nuclear fuel rod.

According to the Informations coming from the negotiating partners the scepticism of Iran against France comes from the bad experience of Iran with EURODIF (European Gaseous Diffusion Uranium Enrichment Consortium) The Iran is participated on the french EURODIF-factory since the time of Shah, but didn´t recieve any material since 1979. The later agreement of a payment to Iran has been stopped 2006 because of the sanctions.

In the opinion of the experts this could also be a pretext of Iran, to negotiate in the future only with the big powers such as USA and Russia, in case of his nuclear program.

In addition to that France had spoken out harder sanctions against Iran, if the islamic country doesn´t show itself more cooperativ.

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Published in “Der Standard” (Austria) on October 20 2009
English translation kindly provided by AM

Kian Tajbakhsh has been arrested while protesting against the presidential election

Teheran- The US-Iranian Sociologist Kia Tajbakhsh who has been arrested during the protests against the presidential election on the 12th of June, is convicted to prison for more than 12 years, said his lawyer on Tuesday to the official Iranian News-Agency IRNA. He also said, that he is not able to tell the exact length of time for the imprisonment, because of judical reasons . He will appeal against the conviction, he said.

Since of the beginning of August there have been more than 140 oppositionals, who had to be answerable to the revolutionary court. The Opposition names it a propaganda trial. Also the international community is criticising this proceedings.

During the protests 36 people have been died. The opposition says it were 72 deaths.

About 4000 People have been arrested, most of them are already released. (APA)

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