Iranian Intelligence threatens protestors in Germany


Published by AFP on October 15, 2009

Hamburg — According to a department of homeland security in Hamburg, Iran’s secret police are exerting pressure on opponents to the Iranian regime living in Germany. “We know that the Iranian services have their own people mingling with demonstrations”, the ARD public television broadcast “Panorama” quotes Hamburg’s deputy chief of the Hamburg state Agency for the Protection of the Constitution.

Thus, he confirmed investigations of the TV channel, according to which the Iranian Intelligence Service attempts to identify individuals during protests against the regime of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. “We have evidence that they take videos to systematically identify people.”

Organizers of protests against the Iranian presidential election results of June 12 in Germany reported to “Panorama” about threatening calls and reprisals against protestors in Germany and their families in Iran. According to the TV channel, Murck confirmed that the Iranian Intelligence uses these methods to pressure critics of the Iranian regime in Germany. Family visits to Iran provides the Service with opportunities to “massively confront the people”.

As stated by the report, the government in Tehran is apparently trying to exert pressure on the Federal Government as well. According to “Panorama”, the Foreign Office has on request confirmed in writing that there have been “repeated requests by the Iranian government to limit independent expression of opinion by Iranians living in Germany.” The Iranian ambassador to Germany, Ali Reza Sheikh Attar, vigorously dismissed the statements of the Foreign Office: “No letter and no oral communication to order such actions has been released by us. A lot of lies have been spread on the news about the protests.”

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