Khatami: The opposition movement will not die (Austrian newspaper)


Published in Der Standard” (Austria), October 11 2009

“The more time it takes, the higher will be the price”

Tehran – The former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami is convinced that the opposition movement in his country is not going to die. Either the opposition will achieve their tasks fast “and at less sacrifices”, said Khatami, according to information on his website on Sunday. If it will last longer, the sacrifices will be more. “But either way: this movement is not going to die.”

Khatami openly supports opposition leader Mir Hossein Moussavi, who has demanded to repeat the disputed presidential election in June. After the polls, hundreds of thousands of people in Tehran and other cities had taken to the streets to protest against the official result.

Authorities have been taking vigorous measures in confronting the protestors. Only recently, the news agency ISNA with reference to the Ministry of Justice had reported on Saturday that three participants in the protests were sentenced to death. (APA)


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