Published in “Die ZEIT”, October 10 2009
Human Rights

Teheran (dpa) – Death sentences have been issued against dissidents in Iran. This was reported by the Iranian news agency IRNA with reference to a spokesman of the Judiciary. Two of the dissidents were members of a group supporting the restoration of monarchy. The third convict is affiliated with the expat rebel group of the people’s Mojaheddeen. The death sentences (according to IRNA) are not yet finel; the attorneys can still file appeals.

Published on TV channel “ZDF” on October 10, 2009

Published in: “tageszeitung” on October 10 2009
Title: “Ahmadinejad is not a Jew”

Nuremberg Oct. 10 2009
Film Festival for Human Rights in Nuremberg: Mohsen Makhmalbaf awarded with price of honor