Press release October 3 2009

Now at federal level as well: United4Iran Germany established in Dusseldorf on October 3, 2009

The support for the resistance movement in Iran now has a nationwide platform.

On the memorial day for Germany’s Unity, citizens of many German cities came together In Dusseldorf in order to send a signal of protest against the oppression of the Iranian people, and to draw public attention to the situation in Iran. The founding of an all-German union as an umbrella organization is supposed to co-ordinate the numerous activities in the various German cities under one headline. Thus, the affiliated organizations receive a platform at federal level.

The tasks of the Association United4Iran Germany with headquarters in Berlin are to protest against the known fundamental and human rights violations in Iran. Through educational work and the protest which is visible in numerous campaigns should draw attention to the conditions of oppression, the arrests and tortures of protesters in Iran as well as to governmental arbitrariness, fearmongering, and intimidation of citizens.

The puprose of the association in detail:

– to support and promote democratic movements in Iran as components of international understanding

– assistance and material support for victims of governmental arbitrariness and their families in Iran who suffer from of economic distress as a result of the oppression

– spread knowledge about the human rights situation in Iran and the situation of the democratic movements

With all of this, the Association United4Iran Germany is politically, ideologically and religiously independent, which is explicitly stipulated in the statutes.

Unanimously elected chairman of the Association is Dr. Alireza Sina, a dentist from Solingen. Vice Chairman Lutz Bucklitsch is a managing director from Berlin.

Alireza Sina:
„I am exceptionally glad that we have finally established a platform to articulate the protests of Iranians living in Germany and the support of our German friends in a noticeable way. We can now in public raise our voices against the human rights violations in Iran, and the people of Iran can see that they are not alone.”

Lutz Bucklitsch:
“Together, we now can concentrate our efforts to achieve the establishment of a democratic system in Iran which respects and guarantees individual rights. We side with the Iranian people in order to draw the world’s attention to the situation in Iran.“

For questions and information refer to:
Arbeitsgruppe Kommunikation United4Iran Düsseldorf e.V.
for United4Iran Germany e.V.
Henri-Dunant-Straße 10
D – 40474 Düsseldorf
fon ++49. (0)211. 951 39 12 / fax ++49. (0)211. 951 39 14