We can’t decide Iran’s struggle. But we can avoid backing the wrong side


Published in German in “Die Zeit” No. 41 of October 1, 2009
First published in English on http://www.guardian.co.uk on September 23, 2009
Please read here:
Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2009/sep/23/iran-struggle-back-wrong-side


One Response to “We can’t decide Iran’s struggle. But we can avoid backing the wrong side”

  1. FELDart Says:

    This article, as published by the same writer (Thymothy Garton Ash) at guardian, ZEITONLINE, WallStreetJournal, NYTimes is evidence of terrible wrong – and mising knowledge – misinterpretation and should be deleted.

    Even as the writer (Oxford Prof. Thymothy Garton Ash) got lots of awards along his phenomenal career of misinterpreting the powers of politics between US, UK, Europe / Eastern Europe (East Berlin), starting in 1993 his very distance sight of an European Union with his aim “instead of the Euro we should install an Eu-Army under British leadership” and since then established on right wing British national populism, he never used sources, from wich he could get the necessary knowldedge about European economy, European leadership in telecom technologies. Instead he is fomenting people to boycott Siemens / Siemens-Nokia products, not beeing aware, that these products are standard at GreatBritain, Europe and USA as well, even his defamtion of Siemens and Nokia comparing it and drawing a line from Nazi-Germany and Hitler to this absolutely political unenvolved new founded companies.
    Mr.Thymothy Garton Ash is an fomenting example of never-learning senile british nationalists, a populistic professor, writing about things, he never understood and never accessed any relevant sources.
    He was not even able to compare his cited “sophisticated software to filter the protesters…” with the equivalent US, British and/or Japanese network tracing software at observation- and measurement centers for mobile cellular and internet-based Next-Generation-Networks (NGN) – already beeing established in Europe, Asia, MiddleEast and US with exactly the same functionality – what is absolutely necessary for handling the future comfort of NGN’s service ability.
    So he repeatedly accuses his stupid and unbelieveable nonsense of “special filtering software for a holocaust denieing regime”. Mr. Oxford Professor, please show a good sign to mankind an give your certificates back and stop to mislead the goverments in east and west, stop your unreflected call for boycott of Products from Finland an Germany – otherwise you should be cited and prosecuted infront of European Court!

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